We believe that all “waste” should “feed” into another process – either as a repercussion or restored resource for another industrial process or as renewed resources for nature.

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- Recycled biofuels -

BEE biofuel uses 100% recycled and waste-based oils, collecting and revitalizing them for further use. The raw materials that are collected for this process, result in biofuel with up to 97,7% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil oils and fuels. Simple put – BEE biofuel takes used cooking from one cycle in the industrial process and uses it for another in an environmentally sustainable way.


The use of fossil fuels has raised environmental concerns for years, as a result society has been looking for alternative forms of energy and energy production. It is of high importance that sustainable renewable energy popularises in societies for the betterment of our wellbeing.

It is for this reason that we use the biofuel in our products to replace fossil fuels. It significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions.


If you are looking for ways to fight climate change within your community, look no further than using our resources to recycle your own. By doing so, you are joining the fight against climate change and practicing sustainability.

Recycling used cooking oils is easy and free of charge.


Recycling your cooking oils with us you will have the right to use our recycling label, which communicates about environmentally responsible company.

BEE Biofuel collects used cooking oil from restaurants across the country and processes it. This process is free of charge, with a simple collection process for your used cooking oil.

If your kitchen makes use of large quantities of cooking oil, arrangements can be made for containers to be delivered to your restaurant. There’s no need to worry about collection – once your container is filled, it will be picked up and replaced with an empty one.


Having BEE Biofuel’s container at the restaurant saves you time and effort and is also free of charge.


By making use of our collection process you are becoming a changemaker in community.